Ideal for a creative bakers to compose their own recipes and create their own home-made baking mixes. Add yeast, salt and other ingredients.

Simple baking of delicious bread by adding water, in the traditional way or in a baking machine.

Produced from grains grown in accordance with the standards of healthy, organic nutrition. Easy to prepare.

Wide range of dessert flour, pancake mixtures and cakes.

Traditionally baked for the Dutch holiday of Sinterklaas, also celebrated in Belgium, the equivalent of which is Polish Mikołajki. In the past their recipes were carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. The popularity of speculoos arouse due to these recipes based on vegetable ingredients, which are free of preservatives, dyes and artificial additives.
They have a wonderful taste and aroma with a note of precious Indonesian cinnamon and cane sugar from Mauritius, chocolate and almonds.

Christmas edition of cookies presenting several versions of the design with Santa Claus.

These are not only delicacies for children. Cookies paste may accompany the biggest gourmands as an addition to a delicious sandwich, pancake, waffle or other dessert.